A book about the real cost of bad design and how we can fix it


Why I Had to Write This Book

Recently, I wrote a story about Jenny, a young girl who died because the nurses taking care of her were distracted with a badly designed interface. It broke my heart and made me angry. Design and technology should make our lives better, Jenny deserved better.

So I decided to share it. After I published it to Medium, the response was overwhelming.
It hit #1 on Medium’s most recommended and stayed on the top 10 for over a week. There were so many people who felt the way I did and wanted to know how they could help.

In this book I will explore how important design is and the harm it can cause when design is overlooked. We often think that the cost of bad design is lost customers, but bad design can cause physical harm, emotional harm, exclusion, and injustice.  My goal is to get designers and all involved in the making of products, thinking about how they impact user’s lives in very real ways.
Design is more important than we think!

*Not final bookcover

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About the Author

Jonathan loves people and making things designed for them. He has been designing professionally for over 6 years and is currently the Director of Product at Therapydia, co-host on The Design Review Podcast, and likes to write about what he learns. He loves to meet people and talk about design and tech on twitter @DesignUXUI.